Storm Damage Claims

Storms and adverse weather can cause all types of damage, from trees falling on your property to damaged rooves or broken roof tiles. Determining if damage was caused by strong winds and heavy rains can often be disputed by insurance companies and their loss adjusters. Often the damage may not become apparent until weeks after the storm, meaning the cause of the issue can be harder to determine.

We meet you at your property and inspect the site for damage. We take photographs and compile a full assessment of th damage and the remedial work required for your insurer. This procedure will help ascertain the validity of your claim. and we can then proceed to negotiate the settlement on your behalf with your insurance company.

Impartial advice and support at the critical time

We offer a complete claims management service for your insurance claim providing valuable support, professional help and advice to you at the time of your loss. Acting on your behalf, Loss Assessors Ireland provide impartial advice and support at this critical time, and deal effectively and professionally with your insurer and their loss adjuster to achieve the most satisfactory insurance settlement. Our services can be deployed at any time of your insurance claim, however please note that it is always best to bring in Loss Assessors Ireland at the initial stage of any claim, as what you do or say at the beginning may have serious implications for the eventual outcome.

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