Water Damage Claims

The effects of water damage to your property can be devastating and detrimental to your livelihood, so it is important that your leak or flood damage insurance claim be managed professionally and handled with your best interest in mind. Loss Assessors Ireland can manage this claim on your behalf, identifying and documenting the damage caused and presenting it to your insurance company.

Water damage may come in many forms, including damage caused by floodwater or a burst pipe. In addition to the damage that is immediately visible, water can be responsible for further electrical damage; damage to your carpets or flooring; damage to your wallpaper and plaster; or damage to your personal possessions. Our team of professionals will help identify any water damage that goes beyond the superficial; water damage that may affect the structure or fabric of your property. If these problems are not identified during the assessment process, your claim entitlement could be underpaid, leaving you with costly repairs in the future and potential risks to your health and safety.

Floodwater damage to your property may be contaminated, which will require specialist attention. Thorough cleaning and drying is essential and should be carried out before any remedial repairs begin, ensuring that any long-term damage is identified and repaired correctly. Insurance companies often overlook serious damage and long-term risks during the critical assessment stage, which can be detrimental to your health and leave you out of pocket in the future.

We at Loss Assessors Ireland will ensure that your water damage claim is managed professionally and safely and it is our responsibility in negotiating the best settlement with your insurance company and maximising the terms of your insurance policy.

As part of your flood damage claim we can also help you organise emergency repairs and implement safety measures, such as the boarding up of windows and entrances, and emergency electrical work. We can also help you source alternative accommodation and secure an interim payment from your insurance company to cover the cost of a hotel or similar.

Impartial advice and support at the critical time

We offer a complete claims management service for your insurance claim providing valuable support, professional help and advice to you at the time of your loss. Acting on your behalf, Loss Assessors Ireland provide impartial advice and support at this critical time, and deal effectively and professionally with your insurer and their loss adjuster to achieve the most satisfactory insurance settlement.

Our services can be deployed at any time of your insurance claim, however please note that it is always best to bring in Loss Assessors Ireland at the initial stage of any claim, as what you do or say at the beginning may have serious implications for the eventual outcome.

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