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The discovery that someone has violated the privacy of your home or business is traumatic, and the distress that invariably arises when you’re making an insurance claim can be as bad as or even worse than the actual incident.

So often the written statement that insurance loss adjusters demand of you regarding the circumstances of the burglary leaves you, the innocent victim, feeling like the criminal rather than the victim. The onus of proving ownership and its value will always rest with you, and if you don’t have the receipts and valuations to back up your claim, then there is every possibility that your Insurers will not pay you out.

We will look at your policy to establish the terms of your cover and the contents it encompasses, before presenting the claim to your insurer and negotiating the best possible settlement for your theft claim. This will include collating proof of ownership for the stolen items to present to your insurer. Once the damage and missing items have been assessed, insurance companies will attempt to replace stolen items using associated suppliers with whom they receive volume purchasing discounts. This may not be to your benefit, and we will ensure that your options are kept open, for example you may prefer a cash settlement.

In addition to helping you with your claim for the stolen goods, Loss Assessors Ireland will also help you identify any damage to your property and present this to the insurer. If your home has been entered, it is likely that there will be some damage present. We will ensure that any damage to your windows, doors, locks or similar, is accounted for and included in your insurance claim.

Handling and processing an insurance claim under this pressure can add undue stress and may result in an unfair payout. If you are a victim of theft, Loss Assessors Ireland will manage your insurance claim from start to finish, so you can focus on your own wellbeing and that of your family

At Loss Assessors Ireland, we have dealt with hundreds of domestic burglary insurance claims over the years. We guarantee to get you every single penny you are entitled to.

Impartial advice and support at the critical time

We offer a complete claims management service for your insurance claim providing valuable support, professional help and advice to you at the time of your loss. Acting on your behalf, Loss Assessors Ireland provide impartial advice and support at this critical time, and deal effectively and professionally with your insurer and their loss adjuster to achieve the most satisfactory insurance settlement.

Our services can be deployed at any time of your insurance claim, however please note that it is always best to bring in Loss Assessors Ireland at the initial stage of any claim, as what you do or say at the beginning may have serious implications for the eventual outcome.

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