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We understand that a fire in your home is a very serious matter. The loss of personal possessions and damage to your property can be extremely distressing.

You’ll want to deal with the fire’s aftermath and get your life back to normal as quickly as possible. We can help by managing your claim from start to finish, while offering help and advice based on dealing with countless fire and smoke damage insurance claims in the past.

Fire or smoke damage can be absolutely devastating and sometimes results in the property having to be demolished and re-built. Even if the fire was contained to a limited number of rooms, smoke can cause a serious amount of damage to décor, soft furnishings and clothing throughout the entire property.

A professional loss assessor will be vital in including micro cleaning of electrical sockets and ducts. Also loss assessors can identify items that absorb smoke and cannot be cleaned eg soft furnishings and kitchen units made of chipboard

Our first priority will be to ensure that you and your family are safe and comfortable. If necessary, we can arrange alternative appropriate accommodation until you can return to your home. We can also coordinate emergency repairs to secure and protect your property while your fire insurance claim is underway.

Our aim is then simple, to ensure that you receive the best possible settlement and your home is completely restored to its former condition. To achieve this, we will:

  • Instruct chartered surveyors to prepare a detailed survey, covering the full extent of the fire and smoke damage to your property. This ensures that the all the necessary work is identified and nothing is missed.
  • Appoint insurance company approved contractors to provide tenders for all the necessary repairs to your property.
  • Prepare a detailed inventory of your home’s contents for presentation to your insurers. As well as listing everything affected by the fire, we will also assess the rest of your possessions to see if they’ve suffered smoke damage.
  • Complete all of the documentation around your fire insurance claim, including your insurer’s forms.
  • Meet with your insurance company’s appointed Loss Adjustor and handle all questions and negotiations, including answering any emails, letters or calls.
  • Manage the restoration of your property, so that it’s returned to a high standard and your complete satisfaction.

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