Loss Assessors in Co. Louth

Loss Assessors Ireland is one of the leading loss assessor firms in County Louth with hundreds of satisfied clients from a diverse range of business, industrial and domestic backgrounds. 

As one of the most renowned and respected loss assessor firms in Louth and the wider North East of Ireland, we offer a diverse range of services and a truly impressive success rate.

We are experts when it comes to all kinds of insurance cases, whether they involve fires, floods, storms, or theft. Some clients call on us to negotiate on their behalf in business insurance claims. Others employ us to manage the difficult processes of household insurance claims. In any case, you can count on us to ensure that you will receive exactly the settlement you deserve.

Anyone that has experienced a fire, flood or a huge storm knows just how upsetting such an event can be in their life. But having to sort out all the mess left behind makes matters many times worse! 

Most notably, if you are the one that has to handle the time consuming, energy sapping and frustrating process of handling your claim through your insurance company! 

But did you know that by engaging the services of highly trusted and respected Loss Assessors Ireland, you could remove all this worry, hassle and bother? 

Residential, industrial and commercial clients right across County Louth from Drogheda and Dundalk to Ardee and Collon have benefited from our insurance claims assistance for flood, fire,  storm and other losses. 

If you are reading this page, you may be in the unfortunate position of having suffered the trauma of a fire, flood or theft at your home or place of business.

It is our sincere hope that this will be the first and last time you experience such a trauma!

After the shock waves subside a little, naturally your thoughts turn to getting on with the task of restoration.

When a severe problem occurs like a flood, fire or theft, a policyholder naturally reaches out to their insurance company in the first instance.

From four handy location near Drogheda, County Louth, we create a single point of contact for our clients and deal with all people necessary to remedy your loss providing:

Stress Relief – we will be your sole point of contact going into battle on your behalf making all the requisite calls to the insurers and Loss Adjusters.

Control – we control your situation by working together with loss adjusters to progress the case to completion as quickly as possible. And we will always respond to telephone messages at the earliest opportunity. In most cases you will be able to choose your own contractors/suppliers.

Maximum benefit from your policy – we will ensure that you receive the maximum you are entitled to under your policy Unlike insurance companies, we look for all the damage – not just the damage you can see!” “Our aim is to help our clients to obtain their full entitlement under their insurance policies with the minimum of effort and involvement on their part.”

For more information on our any of our services, or to discover what makes Loss Assessors Ireland is one of the most renowned firms of loss assessors in Dublin, call our 24/7 number 087-1958363.  Or contact us here 

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