Loss Assessors Co. Meath

Need a Loss Assessors and located in Co. Meath? Independent reports reveal on average you will receive 20-25% more payout if you use a Loss Assessors, so it’s simple common sense to use Co. Louth based Loss Assessors Ireland when you have the misfortune to need to make a claim on your insurance policy.

Dealing directly with your insurance company on your behalf saving you the cost, effort and time.

You have many legal rights as a policy holder- not knowing what they are can be very costly when the insurance company comes to assess your damage. Rest assured that we know exactly what you are entitled to and that we will make sure that you get it.

Our loss assessor walks through you property damage with the loss adjuster while they compile their report and negotiates for you with them.

What is a Loss Assessor?

A loss assessor negotiates on your behalf with your insurance company’s loss adjuster.  He works for you and will maximise your insurance claim. With experience of damage claims, he will know what you can claim for and how to claim it. Because the loss assessor works for you, you get the most out of your claim without having to talk to the insurance company.

What is a loss Adjuster?

Loss adjusters are claims specialists who work on behalf of the insurance company. They deal with your claim and decide how much the claim is worth or if the claim is valid, they will then write to the insurance company recommending appropriate payment.

The difference between a Loss Assessor and a Loss Adjuster?

The main difference between the two is that the loss assessor works for youthe loss adjuster works for the insurance company. If you employ Loss Assessors Ireland, we will assess the damage and then pass it on to the loss adjuster.

If you do not use a loss assessor like us, the adjuster will assess the damage instead, because he works for the insurer ,he his more likely to adjust the claim down in favour of the insurer.

Your local Loss assessor: Meath, Louth, Dublin & nationwide

Our Co. Louth base is ideally positioned to service customers across the entire North East of Ireland. Our local team of Loss Assessors is highly experienced in managing all manner of residential and commercial insurance claims, so whether you are a homeowner or business owner located in Co. Meath,  Loss Assessors Ireland can help.

For more information on our any of our services, or to discover what makes Loss Assessors Ireland is one of the most renowned firms of loss assessors in Meath, call our 24/7 number 087-1958363.  Or contact us here 

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