Why you need a Loss Assessor

A Loss Assessor such as Marc Hines of Loss Assessors Ireland represents you, the policyholder and not the insurance company.

Marc will prepare, negotiate and settle your insurance claim for you, in order for you to get the best settlement possible.

The reason you take out insurance in the first place is to protect you against risks like fire, flood, burglary etc. When a claim does arise, you would expect your insurance company to deal with it in a  timely and fair manner and that your claim for what happened would be processed swiftly.

Unfortunately, the reality is often different. Insurance companies appoint what is called a loss adjustor who is paid by the insurance company to deal with the claim on their behalf. Claims assessment can be a grey area  and  the Loss Adjustor will often be working on behalf of the insurance company and not you the client. 

When insurers are made aware that a Loss Assessor such as Marc Hines is involved, it makes it difficult for them to limit or refuse your claim, because they know loss assessors  will do everything in their power to ensure you claim is processed fairly and you are compensated.

What are the benefits of appointing a Loss Assessor?

  • A Loss Assessor will take the stress away from by ensuring that your claim is processed in a fair and timely way.  
  • A Loss Assessor will handle your claim in a professional manner from start to finish.
  • A Loss Assessor will have dealt with Loss Adjustors on a daily basis and will understand the claim process and how to negotiate with them.

Our advice is to appoint a Loss Assessor as soon as you realise you may need to make claim. The way a claim is prepared and presented is just as important as the way it is settled and negotiated.

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