Water Damage Insurance Claims Help Dublin

Find out how Loss Assessors Ireland can get you a better settlement from your insurance company when making a claim.

Water damage can happen after:

  • Extreme weather
  • Flooding
  • Burst pipes

Whatever the cause, the impact on your home or business premises can be devastating. When it comes to making a water damage claim on your insurance,  Loss Assessors Ireland will ensure that you get the fairest pay-out, so that you can rebuild your life as quickly as possible.

Loss Assessors Ireland have been helping claimants in such need for 30 years to safely navigate their insurance claims. We will guide you through the process of making your claim, explain all the options available to you and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

How we can help you

Loss assessors Ireland work for you to make sure your insurance company pays out a fair settlement for your claim. We work with people who:

  • Are not satisfied with the way they have been treated by the insurance company’s representative
  • Feel intimidated by the process of making a claim
  • Are not able to sacrifice the time for the paperwork a claim requires
  • Simply do not know where to start

Wherever you are in your claim journey, we can make it easier for you.

Our service is not expensive. We only charge a small percentage of the eventual insurance claim settlement; a figure that is usually offset by the substantially higher pay-outs we negotiate for you.

It starts with a free consultation

Speak to an expert loss assessor free of charge and find out how you can maximise your insurance pay-out. Choose Loss Assessors Ireland because:

  • We have over 30 years’ experience
  • You will speak to an experienced loss assessor, not a call centre
  • We will take on challenging cases, even if you have been turned away by other loss assessors
  • We offer a personalised service, we are based in the North East  of Ireland and will be on hand throughout the process
  • We have successfully negotiated innumerable business and consumer insurance settlements
  • You can contact us 24/7
  • We’ll call you within 24 hours to discuss your case

For more information on our any of our services, or to discover what makes Loss Assessors Ireland is one of the most renowned firms of loss assessors in Dublin, call our 24/7 number 087-1958363.  Or contact us here 

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