Loss Assessors in Dublin

With hundreds of satisfied clients from a diverse range of business, industrial, and domestic backgrounds, Loss Assessors Ireland is without a doubt one of the leading loss assessor firms in Dublin and Ireland nationwide. Based near Drogheda, Co. Louth –  our premises are so well connected to all the major road and rail networks, we are well placed to engage with clients from across Leinster and the wider Midlands area of Ireland. 

Loss Assessors are appointed by policyholders to manage a claim on their behalf. They can be called on to help with all manner of loss-related insurance claims. Perhaps your business or property has been damaged by fire, flood, storms or subsidence. Or perhaps theft has robbed you of the irreplaceable.

A qualified loss assessor will handle every aspect of your claim process. They will help with every stage of your claim, from the paperwork to the more practical aspects. They will meet with insurance company representatives, or their appointed loss adjusters, in order to negotiate the best possible claim settlement for you.

  • They’re excellent negotiators and experts when it comes to policy terms and conditions.
  • They know how to properly quantify claims to ensure that you claim for an accurate and realistic amount.
  • They have a thorough understanding of how the insurance company claims department work.
  • They strive to obtain interim payments when you need them.
  • They never work for insurance companies, and they are the only parties in the entire claims process who can be trusted to act entirely on your behalf.

A loss assessor can also be called upon to assist in cases where an insurance company has declined a claim, or where settlements have been otherwise delayed.

When to Appoint a Loss Assessor

Many people make the mistake of only appointing loss assessors when they need them – that’s to say, when things go wrong. The reality is that unfortunately, things can and often do go wrong during the insurance claims process.

For best results, it is vital that you enlist the services of a loss assessor as early as possible – ideally as soon as you know you’ve got an insurance claim on your hands.

Through appointing our loss assessors as early as you possibly can, not only will you increase your chances of making a successful claim, you will also free yourself from dealing with your insurers. This will enable you to get on with your life, and with recovery, as soon as possible.

However, if you wait until things go wrong before you appoint a loss assessor, it won’t be as easy for us to prepare and present a successful claim. We can’t stress this enough – for best results, you must appoint a loss assessor the moment you realise that you have to submit a claim.

We have extensive experience in a diverse range of insurance cases, and we are experts when it comes to fire, flood, storm damage, and theft claims. For some clients, we negotiate on their behalf in business insurance claims. For others, we manage the difficult processes of household insurance claims. In any case, you can count on us to ensure that you will receive exactly the settlement you deserve.

If you’re a policy holder and you have to make an insurance claim, a professional loss assessor company like Loss Assessors Ireland  would help you in managing your claim in general, right from beginning to end.

We can help in each step of the way, from preparing the paperwork all the way to more practical factors of the entire process. We will always strives to make sure that you gain the most equity and best settlement.

For more information on our any of our services, or to discover what makes Loss Assessors Ireland is one of the most renowned firms of loss assessors in Dublin, call our 24/7 number 087-1958363.  Or contact us here 

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