Loss Assessor for Storm Damage Ireland

Storm and weather damage, this can include insurance claims in relation to damage caused by wind, falling trees etc.

With  us already experiencing Storm Ali & Storm Callum this year, featuring heavy rainfall and strong winds,  there is already a will  high level of storm, water and flood damage related insurance claims being submitted.

Naturally, with this increase in claims insurance companies will be looking to minimise the value of settlements. If you are making a claim in relation to storm, water or flood damage it is more important than ever to be represented by qualified insurance claims experts (a certified loss assessor) that will ensure that you get the full entitlement of your claim, as quickly as possible.

If you are in the unfortunate position of processing an insurance claim for storm damage or flood damage, please make sure that your insurance company isn’t falling short. Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, Loss Assessors Ireland can help you manage your insurance claim from start to completion and help you secure a fair payout.

As independent loss assessors, we represent you – the policy holder. Our team of experts will assess and document the damage to your property to make sure that your insurance company hasn’t missed anything and that you have accounted for unseen damage. We will present our findings to your insurance company and negotiate the best financial settlement under the terms of your policy, so you can start repairing the damage and your life.


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