Do I need an assessor to make a claim? – your questions answered

Q: We had a major flood in my house due to a burst pipe in the attic. A friend of mine who has just settled a claim with her home insurance company has advised me to get an assessor. She said that I would not get enough money from the insurance company to cover the cost of the repairs otherwise. Is she right? 

An assessor works on your behalf and will negotiate with your insurer to settle your claim. This includes negotiating the settlement figure being offered by the insurance company if you feel it will not cover the losses you are insured for.

Having an assessor can take some of the stress out of the claims process as they deal with the insurer directly on your behalf. Assessors’ fees are not covered by your insurance policy – so make sure you find out the total cost of this service, as you will have to pay for it yourself. It may be beneficial to hire an assessor for larger claims, such as a buildings claim on your home.

Your insurance company will ask you the reason for the damage, so if you have a report from a professional – such as a plumber – that will help. Take photos of the damage that has been caused. You should also get quotes to find out the cost of the repair work as you will need to provide an estimate for this work in the claim.

There is no definite length of time to settle an insurance claim and it will depend on the type of claim. Some claims may require expert assessment or the input of several people before the claim can be paid. The insurance company may send out a loss adjustor, who works on their behalf, to inspect the damage. Once you have all the evidence to support your claim, send it into the insurance company as soon as you can. Your policy documents may give more information on the timelines for submitting a claim.

Insurers normally settle claims by cheque, payable to you. If you have arranged home insurance through your mortgage lender, the insurance company may pay the money to your lender who will then pass it on to you.

The role of a public loss assessor is similar to that of a loss adjuster, i.e. to assess the extent of loss and the amount of compensation that should be paid. The key difference in roles is that the public loss assessor, where appointed by you, acts in your interests. It is their sole responsibility to ensure that you get a fair settlement for your claim.

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