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At Loss Assessors Ireland, we would always hope you never suffer the stress of a fire, flood, burglary or other disaster at home

But if you do, let our Loss Assessors take away the added burden of making an insurance claim

Marc Hines of Loss Assessors Ireland will handle all aspects of the claims process. A Loss Assessor represents policyholders when they need to submit an insurance claim and Marc has vast experience in dealing with all types of claim, for both private individuals and businesses. Marc will handle all aspects of the claims process, meeting with the insurers’ representatives, the Loss Adjuster or any other professional appointed by them, preparing your claim and negotiating the best possible settlement for you. They will also handle cases where liability for your claim has been refused.

When dealing with a claim of any size, the insurance company will employ a loss adjuster to protect their interests. A loss assessor will be on your side.

The way a claim is prepared and presented is every bit as important as the way in which it is negotiated and settled.

You therefore need to appoint a loss assessor as soon as you realise that you have a claim.

DON’T WAIT until things start to go wrong – when the Insurance Company’s loss adjuster tells you that you are not entitled to claim for something which you were convinced you are – or when they try to reduce the amount you are claiming, often quoting small print in the policy.


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