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Have you been affected by the flooding as a consequence of the heavy rains and storms during the last couple of weeks or have you have suffered a loss to your home or business due to any of the unforeseen events below.

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Every year, thousands of households deal with burst pipes and flooding issues .  Cleaning up and organising repairs can be stressful – and this will be made worse if a dispute arises with your insurer over the costs. Have you been a victim of flood damage or water damages? If so we can help you make a successful flood damage insurance claim with your insurance provider. We are independent team of loss assessors that will be working for you, not your insurance company.

Flood events are becoming more extensive and affects low level and basement, Building, Machinery, Contents and Stock. The event occurs quickly – often without a lot of warning. Floor coverings, dry linings, stock and machinery are often damaged beyond repair.

The claim process and reinstatement process may take many months to complete because the scope of the damage affects the entire footprint of a building.

While an insurance company might employ a loss adjuster to ensure any claim is accurate, you can also appoint someone to fight your corner – known as a loss assessor. 

They can be used to defend any significant insurance claim, not just flood damage. They can ensure your payout is correct, while some will even manage repair works on your behalf.

What is a loss assessor?

They can handle all aspects of your insurance claim, giving you advice and working on your behalf to secure the best possible payout.

You do not have to wait until things go wrong with a claim before turning to an assessor – many people appoint one as soon as something happens that triggers a claim. One of the main benefits is you are employing the services of an insurance expert who knows how to navigate through the claims process, all the paperwork and jargon.

When might I need a loss assessor?

Many insurance claims are straightforward and can be settled without the need for loss adjusters or loss assessors to get involved.

But if you know your claim is going to be large – running into thousands of pounds – or extensive work will be needed to repair your property, a loss assessor can help take some of the stress out of the situation and speed up a claim and any remedial work required. In some cases, your insurer may refuse to pay the amount you believe you are entitled to. A loss assessor will deal with your insurer directly and its loss adjuster to secure the best outcome.

Will I get a bigger insurance payout?

There is no guarantee that using a loss assessor will secure a bigger settlement. But if you have concerns about your claim – for example, if it has already been rejected or a loss adjuster has tried to reduce the amount you will get – then it may be a good idea to use one. Many policyholders decide to use a loss assessor not to achieve a higher payment but to save the hassle and time it would take to make the claim themselves.

If you’re a policy holder and you have to make an insurance claim, a professional loss assessor company like Loss Assessors Ireland  would help you in managing your claim in general, right from beginning to end.

We can help in each step of the way, from preparing the paperwork all the way to more practical factors of the entire process. We will always strives to make sure that you gain the most equity and best settlement.

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