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Following a fire at your home, you will have to make a number of critical decisions and each one will have a direct impact on the outcome of your insurance claim.

By having Loss Assessors Ireland by your side, you will have peace of mind knowing your Loss Assessor will guide you through the entire fire claims process. We will answer your questions to ensure you are aware of all your options during the restoration of your home.

If you choose to appoint Loss Assessors Ireland, our specialist Loss Assessor will make sure you stay in control. You will not have to worry about preparing your claim, overseeing works to your property or negotiating with your insurance company.

How we will help you with your fire insurance claim…

Our aim is to reduce the time our clients have to spend on their fire insurance claim. As you will have your Loss Assessor’s direct contact details, they will be your single point of contact throughout the claims process and you will no longer have to go through your insurance company’s call center.

There will be many time-consuming elements to your insurance claim, with Morgan Clark on your side you can rely on your Assessor to…

  • Help you find somewhere you are happy to live while your home is being restored
  • Ensure the full extent of damage is uncovered to safeguard the value of your home
  • Handle all negotiations with your insurer to protect your best interests
  • Ensure your insurance claim is run efficiently to get you back home as quickly as possible


Why do I need a Loss Assessor? Doesn’t my insurance company manage my claim for me?

While many insurance companies will support you in the initial weeks of your claim, their only responsibility is to ensure costs are covered to restore your property and replace damaged contents, stock, machinery etc. (if applicable). As your claim progresses, you will be left with the most stressful and time consuming day-to-day elements to organise and oversee alone –  if you do not appoint a Loss Assessor.

You might well find that your insurance company and their Loss Adjuster try to convince you that they will manage your insurance claim for you, and you do not need to be represented by a Loss Assessor to be treated fairly. However, this is regularly not the case and many policyholders write to us to express their gratitude for the difference we have made to their claim.


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