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When you suffer damage to your property or a loss to your business, the first thing you should do is call Marc Hines from Loss Assessors Ireland.  Marc will take away all the worry, stress and inconvenience of having to deal with your insurance company when making a claim. 

Insurance companies have their own adjusters who look after THEIR BEST INTERESTS. They are specifically employed to reduce your claim size as much as possible. Unless you are a trained insurance advisor, then you should have someone who looks after YOUR BEST INTERESTS too. Let Loss Assessors Ireland fight for you, in your corner, to ensure you get exactly what you are entitled to and nothing less.

If you’re a policy holder and you have to make an insurance claim, a professional loss assessor company like Loss Assessors Ireland  would help you in managing your claim in general, right from beginning to end.

We can help in each step of the way, from preparing the paperwork all the way to more practical factors of the entire process. We will always strives to make sure that you gain the most equity and best settlement.

Have you suffered any damage as a result of a fire?

We deal with all fire claims, anything from candle fires, gas stoves, chip pan fires, all the way to full home losses due to fire. Speak to a us t today to ensure that you get the maximum settlement you are entitled to in the fastest time possible.

Do you need to make a water damage claim?

Floods, leaking pipes, heating popes, leaking roofs, dish washer leaks, washing machine leaks, drainage leaks. These are just some examples of water damage claims we specialise in.

Has your property been damaged by a storm or bad weather?

Many people believe that they are not covered because it’s an “act of God” but that is not always the case. Contact us today for some expert advice about your situation, most of the time we will get you covered.

Do you have a commercial premise that has suffered damage/loss?

We can ensure that the damage is documented straight away and that you could start repairs to reopen your business while we manage the claim.

Have you experienced damage due to a flood?

Flash floods, torrential rain, Storms, burst banks, drain overflow, burst mains pipe – Loss Assessors Ireland can help you with your claim. 

If you live in Ireland and have experienced a fire, flood or other disaster in your home, rented property or business, then Loss Assessors Ireland can help. For help managing your insurance claim, contact us today to speak with a local claims expert.

People we’ve helped in your area

Our experienced Loss Assessors have helped people just like you to resolve their insurance claim in a timely manner, and achieve the full settlement they deserve. 

For more information on our any of our services, or to discover what makes Loss Assessors Ireland is one of the most renowned firms of loss assessors in Dublin, call our 24/7 number 087-1958363.  Or contact us here 

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